StarHub Prosperity Roadshow...

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clips by mae_xinyu @ Moses Chan Singapore OFFICIAL Family
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serious mixing & matching going on... please tell me he changed his tee at least... HAHA!!!
he's wearing "Supreme"..! oooooo!!!
the mo man got a haircut?!! aw man, and when i fell in love with the slick back... phooey..! but this one is cute too... i like it when the sides are short...

Love Bond theme for the upcoming celebrations... sweet..! his live singing definitely has improved... and he's THE MAN, always getting off stage to greet the audience... super cute when he let out a sigh when he was done singing all out of breath and stuff... *deep sigh* he's amazing..!

watched the videos, but i can't hear what he said... hopefully there are some clearer clips out there or maybe there's recaps out there...
he ended his part with what all his fangirls love: somewhat BLOWING KISSES!!!

i think there's another StarHub event today (1/31)... the same kind, but i'm not sure if moses is also going to that one... isn't he only staying for 2 days (29th & 30th)..? i guess we'll find out tomorrow... hehe...
mo is back @ HK... back to filming... rock on moses..!
it has been a good weekend for us... hahaha...


i guess he still can do the slick back thing with this hairstyle even though it looks extremely short... hmmm, how does that work..?


you must watch mae_xinyu's clips... is it ok for a man his age to be this adorable..? hahaha... and i think the short hair makes him even cuter... like a baby--GIANT BABY!!! hehe... y'all still remember that nickname..?
loved that part when they were counting the fake whatchamallcallit and moses did his thang... ahhh!!! so aDORKable..!
and his smile sweeps me off my feet... *eyes twinkle*

filming 公主嫁到 [5]...


charmaine and fala disguise themselves as men and leave the palace... they then meet moses, louis, and raymond and get into a fight...

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other pictures:
source: TVB Channel

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thank you mosescino for sharing that cute pic... favorite Princess pic so far... hehehe...

love these clips..! love it even more when it's in cantonese... hahaha...
lol @ louis who loves to talk... HA!!!
there has to be a complete version out there for streaming... *runs to find it*
complete version doesn't have any moses at the end so we're good... heee..!


StarHub TVB Awards 2010...

source: zenn @ Sehseh's cbox

moses wins:
My Favorite TVB Male Character: 甘永家 (Moonlight)

other awards:
My Favourite TVB Drama 2009: Moonlight Resonance
My All Time Favorite TVB Drama: War And Beauty

source: Patrick | 智伟

news translation/summary:

his Thank You speech:

"the year 2010 marks my 10th year at TVB, this is my first award this year, thank you all!"

source: ChinaPress.Com

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source: xin.sg, Straits Times (eerational @ Sehseh's cbox), ChinaPress.Com, omy - 娱乐 Showbiz

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download goodies by mab @ cbox - at airport (please credit her & link back if reposting)

he needs longer sleeves... haha... never noticed that that whatchamacallit has no sleeves... awesome..! he's all mixing & matching...
*eyes twinkle* looking at his nice arms... they look so strong and smooth... HAHAHA!!!
love the picture of moses laughing/smiling behind charmaine... he's sooo cute there... the wrinkles in his nose = awww, cute!!!

he has another event in Singapore today (1/30) i think... i'm really not sure... but hey if it's true that means more pictures..! YAY!!!

Congratulations to all winners!!!

Baileys [news]...

news translation/summary:

source: Appledaily, Sing Tao Daily, on.cc, Headline Daily, mingpao.com, Oriental Daily

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awww, he looks like an angel with his hands like that...
crazy sweater/jacket... haha... looks warm though... and loving his v-neck... good thing it's not DEEP V... heee..! not a fan of those...
slick back hair!!! loved the hairstyle he had during filming of the wedding scene for Heaven... it kind of reminded me of Healing Hands III... it's a keeper..!

last thing, just a teeny bit more meat on his face needed... hehe...

clip comments:
thank you mabbie for sharing the awesome clip..!

love love love his eyes... they're all shiny and pretty... and i really like his hair like that... he should have it like that for a series...
gah, he's so adorable answering all those questions about love making all these sound effects and funny faces... some of the things he does best... hahaha...

kam jie is sweet giving him powdered milk... awww..!


filming 公主嫁到 [4]...

Kowloon Walled City Park
source: ent.tom.com (Oriental Sunday Issue 633)


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i'm amazed at how he's able to stick his pants into those socks... hmmm, actually it looks like he rolled his pants up... haha...
loving his street clothes with the backpack... he even buckled the strap... awww!!!
and what's with the extremely red outfit..? with no accessories on his head..?


filming 天與地 [16]...

1/25 at Hotel

news translation/summary:

filming mo & maggie's wedding...

source: Sing Tao Daily, singpao.com, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, wenweipo.com, mingpao.com, on.cc

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more pictures:
Headline Daily

download & watch E-News @ Charmaine's Baidu

i'm so tired i can fall asleep sitting... argh...
not feeling very talkative at the moment... hmmm... moses in leather pants..! hahaha!!! his thighs are HUGE...
he looks evil for some reason... he should definitely play a psychopath serial killer one day... i would like that... produced and directed by chik as well...

i love the picture of moses sitting at the table looking like he owns the place... CO-OL..!

awww!!! mo kissing maggie's hand... that's so sweet... and the way he's holding her arm with his other hand--i just love it..!


Happy Birthday Kam Jie!!!

E-News @ Charmaine's Baidu

i fell asleep for a bit... hahaha... it felt so good..!
hope they have some news coverage of this today...

very sweet indeed... "huh..." @ moses' singing...


aw shucks, no news coverage... how about something at their TVB Blog..? hehe... please, something..!

filming 公主嫁到 [3]...

1/20 Lai Chi Kok Park

小维妮吧 - [2010-01-20]公主嫁到 荔枝角公园 外景

that hairstyle... ummm, business in the front party in the back..? HAHAHA!!!
awww, moses looks cute when he's messy... beaten up or did he just go and get himself in some other trouble lol...
i really like the color combo...


filming 公主嫁到 [2]...

1/19 Kowloon Walled City Park

maggie=mag_mag - 【7D 】體驗 の 【公主嫁到九龍寨城公園】 (19/1/2010)

oh how this reminds me of Beyond... haha...
so far we've only seen moses with that one outfit...


Welcome Back Kam Jie [news]!!!

news translation/summary:

one day after filming Princess, kam jie fainted and was sent to the hospital... she returned to work yesterday (1/19)... siu ching jie said she had to take away 2 episodes (from the middle of the series) from kam jie's workload...

source: on.cc, 巴巴閉 interview

source: Headline Daily

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just sharing this one big pic of moses... he has the same goofy smile in all the pics... hahaha... i write that with love... nothing but love for the mo man...
two less episodes of kam jie?!! but good thing they're not killing her off...


Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2010 [news]...

Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza

Fashion show today at TDC - reminds me of the old time. I have actually model for them for many yrs. And its nice to see some old faces :)

-CoffeeM0 (1/18/10)i

Here it is - IWAYA's collection !!! What ya think? http://tweetphoto.com/9009394

-CoffeeM0 (1/18/10)ii

news translation/summary:

Hong Kong actor Moses Chan presents a creation by Japanese designer Tokshikazu Iwaya at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2010 January 18, 2010.


source: The Sun, on.cc, Appledaily, daylife, singpao.com, mingpao.com, Headline Daily

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more pictures:
ent.tom.com (9, 67, 70)

Scoop & E-News @ Mo's Baidu

not gonna lie, moses is not a handsome man, but when he walks the runway there's just something about him that makes him so freakin' attractive... best way to understand what i mean just look at his tweetphoto and then look at the one of him walking...
ok now let's just stare at the picture of him on the runway and press play on Lady GaGa in our head lol...

after staring for awhile i realize that thing is transparent... yum..! hahaha!!!


lol, is he the only model doing the robot..? or whatever it is that he's doing... oh moses, you're having too much fun... *shakes head* haha...

filming 天與地 [15]...

1/17 11PM at Central
source: The Sun

news translation/summary:


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booty..! haha...
loving his leather vest and shoes... men with big feet... *hug*


filming 天與地 [14]...

1/16 night at Kowloon City's old Kai Tak Airport
source: singpao.com, Oriental Daily, takungpao.com, Appledaily, mingpao.com, on.cc, wenweipo.com, Sing Tao Daily

news translation/summary:

the guys got together to play as a band (concert-like)...
they sang 《年少無知》, ending theme (subtheme) written/composed by paul wong...


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more pictures:
Astrid Chan's TVB Blog - 可怕的 『天與地』
Ronald Law's TVB Blog - 《天與地》音樂會
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E-News x TVB8?

today was a good day... except the motion sickness... haha...

back to moses, "damn boy you look good..!" lol
fake mustache looks weird, but it doesn't matter...
i just love that coat of his... he wears it very well...
rock on moses!!! rock on..! *throws up peace sign like nixon* hahaha...

additional comments:
bowie is too funny... he said if they form a real band they won't be called "Sun Boyz", but "Old Boyz"... y'all heard of "New Boyz"..? hahaha...