Hong Kong Book Fair 2009 [news]...

news translation/summary:

all about a model, rainbow, who came to moses for his autograph and he didn't know who she is...

source: all the online newspapers (LOL)

source: HKHeadline, Appledaily, wenweipo.com, The Sun, Oriental Daily, mingpao.com

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on.cc - ontv
Scoop & E-News @ MO吧

news & picture comments:
LOL @ moses for not knowing who she is and thinking she was just a supporter/fan... he's so adorable... haha... actually i have no idea who she is too...
i bet after he was told he thought: "my girlfriend is hotter..." hehe...
this is his outfit: 阿ka glasses + 得得地 shirt + working pants... hahaha!!! still my favorite glasses...

clip comments:
just the usual dorkiness & cuteness putting that smile on our faces...

cute with the: "of course i know what you're talking about..!" haha... the voice & pointing really did it...

another one of those interviews that makes me smile... hehehe...


My Coffee Guide & TVB series [CRHK Radio]...

brief translation:

(basically he talks about My Coffee Guide & coffee...)

he said Beyond should be an Anniversary series... he heard that "Tang Bai Cool" is airing before Beyond...

soon he will film Heaven and Earth with bowie, kenny, maggie (shiu), and charmaine...

i still want his book, but i shall not think too much about it 'cause it just makes me sad... hahaha...
yay, so "Tang Bai Cool" is airing soon!!! september like it was written in the chinese wiki page..? i'm excited...
Heaven and Earth--no new names added to the cast we already know..? awww... but i really want him to play the very sexy szeto sang... heee..!


Singapore TVB Star Tour...

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to read: omy - 娱乐 Showbiz

source: ChinaPress, omy - 娱乐 Showbiz, xin.sg

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WilliamWangHK @ YouTube (19th & 20th)
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charmaine's interview with xin.sg
xin.sg's video clips @ Charvin吧
download clips by mab @ cbox: 1, 2, 3 (7/19)
beryllin @ YouTube

thanks to Elaine..!


news comments:
hahaha!!! love how they kept talking about his butt... it got me thinking... when he gains weight it really does show on his butt... hehe...
all i have to say is, "baby got back..!" hoho!!! it's seriously too distracting...

clip comments:
clips are great!!! love the one where he's playing the game & pointing at his clothing... adorable!!!


clip comments:
oh my moses!!! i love that the crowd loves him... and he's so freakin' cute...
i love it when he makes mistakes 'cause he does the whole thinking pose... then he laughs... super cuteness!!! i can rewatch that clip over & over again...

in charmaine's xin.sg interview she said she & moses have 默契 (chemistry/understanding)... she mentioned she & moses will be filming Heaven and Earth together in september...
and Heaven and Earth it is... woot, now we have to figure out who plays nick's role... that should be fun... haha...

radio comments:
his mandarin is actually not that bad... it gets extremely sexy when he adds some english words in there... woot!!! haha...
i just want him to get married already so he can have kids and pass on his amazing genes... heee..!

please credit or link back to bloggers/original source like i did above...
how much do i hate people who don't..? from the top of moses' head to his toes...

moses in MingPao (7/20)...

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source: mingpao.com

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[insert another comment on his hair]
ooo, big jeans... i really really really miss his skinny jeans... hahaha...
i really like that new watch of his... black & white...

i need time to read the article... still not fully awake...


moses in Appledaily (7/17)...

私家廚房: 咖啡王子 甜苦與共

陳豪的「咖啡王子」形象深入民心,今年還首次出書,推介他的心水咖啡店。但他今次不是請你飲 Cappuccino,而是教你用咖啡去做甜品,他說:「甜品若只得甜味就很單調,加點咖啡的苦味去平衡一下,再加點水果的果酸,刺激味蕾,味道再不簡單。」

場地:朗豪酒店 The Place( 3552 3200)




陳豪除了煮得,玩 Latte Art一樣了得,他還即席示範拉花技術。

1. 先冲泡一杯 Espresso。

2. 將鮮奶加熱,然後撞入咖啡之中。

3. 當白色奶泡再現,就要在上面畫圖案,你看似心形還是似有一塊葉的蘋果呢?



份量: 4人
0hr 30min(未計雪藏時間)

Tiramisu是意大利最家常的甜品, Moses說他第一個學做的甜品就是 Tiramisu。何師傅還特別用了兩種咖啡酒, Tia Maria和 Kahlua,香甜甘味更濃。


Mascapone芝士 400克、蛋黃 140克、糖 80克、魚膠片 11克、忌廉 140克、咖啡酒 10毫升、咖啡 10毫升、手指餅 2條、圓形蛋糕片 4片、朱古力粉適量





4.將圓形蛋糕片放在模的底部,倒入半份( 2),插入手指餅粒,待其稍為降至室溫,再倒入剩餘的( 2),放入雪櫃雪一晚至凝固,取出後撒上朱古力粉,加裝飾即成。




份量: 4人
0hr 30min(未計雪藏時間)

一向覺得 Panna Cotta好膩,加了咖啡,增添了香與咖啡的苦味,中和了甜味。


鮮奶/忌廉各 200克、魚膠片 3片、糖 60克、呍呢拿條 1/2條、咖啡粉 2克




3.降至室溫後倒入容器內,放入雪櫃雪 8小時至凝固,加上生果作裝飾即完成。




份量: 4人
1hr 00min(未計雪藏時間)



蛋 60克、蛋黃 24克、白朱古力 420克、咖啡酒 30毫升、咖啡粉 18克、忌廉 750克、魚膠片 6片

咖啡汁料:蛋黃 6克、鮮奶 200克、忌廉 100克、糖 60克、咖啡粉 2克




3.將 200克忌廉放入煲煮起後熄火,拌入咖啡粉,倒入( 2)內,注入白朱古力拌勻,再加咖啡酒拌勻後攤凉。

4.將剩餘的 550克忌廉拂起,加入( 3)中,再加魚膠片,放入雪櫃雪 8小時至凝固。

5.將( 4)放入唧袋中,然後在碟擠成圓圈。將咖啡汁材料拂勻,淋上碟作裝飾即成。





絕無偷懶,三個甜品都是由 Moses親自製作,連何師傅都大讚他無架子。

source: Appledaily

holy moses!!! moses and his crazy cooking skills... freakin' love it... he's just amazing...
but i'm not really big on desserts... i'll just stare at him while he's making it... heee...

moses in The Sun & Oriental Daily (7/17)...

to read:
The Sun
Oriental Daily

source: The Sun, Oriental Daily

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i'm so happy he fulfilled one of his coffee dreams!!! no doubt another one of his coffee dreams is opening a cafe... and i guess Coffee Confidential was one too... woot, i'm so happy for him...

picture comments:
oh my, he looks so BIG..! it's probably not his size, but the clothes that bother me... i should go and get over it...

i want to see his book!!! hehehe...


Fly With Me voiceover...

check out: Ada's SINA blog

ada is crazy silly!!! hahaha!!! i love how she said he's "全身是毛"... clever..!
but i swear when i first saw the drawing of moses i thought it was osama bin laden... hoho... *sigh* crazy...

moses really likes the purple lucky bastard cap... purple should be one of next colors i use for the blog/site...
and he's always smiling/laughing... awww!!! love that about him...


filming Fly With Me [7]...

filming on unknown date...

check out: callzf @ TaoBao Forum

finally some "new" old pics to stare at... hahaha!!! seriously, we're deprived i tell you...
in this scene he's looking for someone... probably ada...
it was so nice of him to smile for her (callzf) when he noticed she was taking pictures... such a sweetheart...
she wrote that he looks 1.78m..? what asjdiasdjs?!! he's 1.85m... hahaha... i totally had to point that out for some reason... crazy fangirls do that... *grin*
not happy about the wig, but this hairstyle definitely trumps his current one... *shiver* i'm just being honest...
love love love the suit..! totally love his style in this series... i really hope we'll see it this year...

^ wow, i can't believe i wrote so much... it's been a while...


thank you, mosescino for the tip..!


moses in Kwong Wah e-Newspaper (7/10)...

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Kwong Wah e-Newspaper

source: Kwong Wah e-Newspaper

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these random articles popping up make me happy 'cause we're kind of having a drought here... hahaha...
is he still on vacation or is he preparing for the release of his book..? maybe something else... *shrug* *scratch head* ok, you get the picture--i have no idea what he's up too... heee..!


love that smile... like the watch...
but not so much the hair... i've said it 10000 times...


Coffee Forum @ Berjaya University College of Hospitality...


source: on.cc

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Coffee in Malaysia
weechuan.com - A Malaysian Coffee Rockstar

by wchuan11 @ YouTube: I, II, III

they're so lucky!!!
love those posters/flyers hanging... such great pics... i wonder why TVB didn't share it with the public... keeping all the goodies to themselves..? hahaha..?
you have to read the comments under the entry too... pretty interesting stuff there too...

note: always remember to credit bloggers..!


moses in the star online (7/5)...

The pursuit of happiness


The much-in-demand Hong Kong star waxes lyrical about life, work and coffee. Get your espresso cup ready!

AS the press conference ends and the PR girls are busy setting up the interview area for my one-on-one with Moses Chan, I hear a friendly hello. I turn around and it is Chan himself, proffering his hand and smiling. He appears casual in a white button-down shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Despite his gruelling schedule for the day (he has been in one press conference after another since that morning and his day has been scheduled right up till 11pm), he seems relaxed and unhurried.

He has no airs about him, no entourage to brief me on what to ask and what not to ask, no personal assistants to hiss in my ear to please keep to my allotted time slot, or protocols to introduction that are expected from a star of his stature.

Moses Chan, or simply Chan Ho (his Chinese name) to most of his fans, has played the gamut of characters – the unattainable playboy Terrence on The Gem of Life, the charming punter Ka on Moonlight Resonance, the gullible and kind Dak Dak Dei in Heart of Greed (a role for which he won the coveted TVB best actor and most favourite male character in a drama awards in 2007), the stoic palace guard Hong Mou in War and Beauty (one of the most successful TVB dramas of all time), the misguided Emperor Chou Pei in Where the Legend Begins and more.

Chan, whose shows are regularly broadcast on local television, has also endeared himself to Malaysian viewers. For that, he’s swept a slew of awards at the annual Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards between 2006 and 2008, for his roles in Love Bond, The Gentle Crackdown, Land of Wealth and Heart of Greed.

His track record is pretty impressive for an actor who only started working on television 10 years ago. Granted, his acting career goes way back to 1994, when he appeared in a few nondescript movies until he got involved in television. He began by playing bit parts and secondary characters on the tube that were mostly forgettable.

It wasn’t until he took on the role of Emperor Chou Pei in Where the Legend Begins in 2002 that the industry started taking notice of this versatile actor with rugged good looks. Incidentally, this drama holds a special place in his heart, probably because it won him the Most Improved Actor trophy at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

“Chou Pei is my favourite character to play,” he says during the interview at KL Hilton about a week ago when he is in town to promote Coffee Confidential, the TV series he hosts and which currently airs on Astro. “Some people like to see me in funny characters, some in serious roles, but I like myself best in period dramas,” he remarks in fluent English.

After Where the Legend Begins, his next big-budget period drama, War and Beauty, came in 2004. He starred amongst a stellar ensemble cast comprising heavyweights Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang. His depiction of palace guard Hong Mou earned him a loyal legion of fans, and sealed his seat among the hottest A-list television stars in Hong Kong.

The charming hunk has also been linked with several A-list actresses, and rumour mills are going wild that he is about to marry his alleged girlfriend, actress and TVB colleague Bernice Liu (check out story “No Boundaries” on Liu in today’s Clove, CV6).

As he good-naturedly deflects my question about marriage and kids, saying that he “can’t tell me” and that “yes, I am happy”, we move on to talk about his work on the small screen.

Thus far this year, the 38-year-old has finished five dramas. Hong Kong actors are among the most hard-working in the world and Chan fulfills that description as a triple-threat actor, host and singer (he has sung a number of theme songs from shows he stars in).

“For the past 11 months, I have been doing dramas,” he says. His working hours are long, from 6am to 5pm for the day shift, and 5pm to 4am for the night shift.

“How long I work depends on how involved I am in the drama,” he explains. “If I am in 90% of the show, then I’ll be working round the clock, with three to four hours of sleep.”

This is likely to be the norm now that he is cast as the lead in most, if not all, productions. But the Hong Kong-born actor, who grew up in Sydney, Australia, is always seeking a balance in work and life.

“I don’t think it is a good thing for an actor to be in 90% of the show,” he laughs. “We’re human, we need to have a break.”

He talks about enjoying the pleasures of life, of how growing up in Australia, instead of Hong Kong, has given him a different perspective on life.

“Work is work,” he says. “You’ve got to know life is formulated with different parts – friends, family, love, pleasure, alone time, your business, your dream. All these things make you who you are. Yes, I work very hard, which is why it is even more important to take time off to enjoy life.”

He admits that fame has opened a lot of doors for him. “It makes things easier,” he says candidly. “If people like you, they want to get involved with you, they give you sponsorships and hire you for commercials. You get a lot of different opportunities.”

Coffee Confidential, a travel show that centres on the brew, is one such opportunity.

Why coffee?

“Well, I like coffee. It is my escape from work. While working on dramas this year, I also managed to put together a book on cafes in Hong Kong with my brother, the photographer for the project. We went to about 40 to 50 cafes, tasting their coffee. Now everyone comes to ask me where to go for good coffee,” he laughs.

He denies being an expert, saying he is still chasing his coffee dream. For this little hobby of his, Chan brings the focus and attention to detail that has served him well in his career.

To him, knowledge is the key to everything. “You have to know what coffee is before you can appreciate it. This is what I am trying to do. I am an artiste with an established media company. I have the means to bring this knowledge to people, so I proposed the idea of this show.

“In Hong Kong, people are slowly starting to accept the culture, and a lot of cafes are popping up. But the culture is still new there.”

His passion for the beverage has an Australian connection. “I went back to Sydney recently and visited a lot of different cafes. There, coffee is synonymous with enjoying life. People don’t sit at cafes to discuss business, or hang out with friends. They go to enjoy a really good cup of coffee.

“On the show, I bring the audience through the whole coffee process. I start from the plantation in Kenya, learn about the strength of the beans, the extraction, the roast, how different processes add to the flavour of the final product and how to get the perfect expression.

“Then I travel to Taiwan to see the cafes, to Italy for the rich coffee history, to Copenhagen (Denmark). I am doing my part to put out a programme for coffee lovers in Asia.”

Just as much as the laid-back Australian lifestyle has influenced Chan’s view on life, the pull of the go-getter pace of Hong Kong features equally on his psyche. He doesn’t foresee a regurgitation of the current show’s formula for a second season.

“We have to move on. (The next season) cannot just be about coffee. We will tell you the more technical aspects of everything, like setting up a cafe, possibly. I have a lot of ideas, actually, so we shall wait and see,” he grins.

As for taking a break from television to do movies, Chan welcomes the opportunity. “I have been doing television for so long now, I want to see what it is like to work on the big screen again. In movies, the director takes a lot of credit. He has the power to manipulate your character and turn you into a different person.

“In television, actors get a lot more acting space. You are entirely dependent on yourself. You get out of it exactly what you put in. What you see is what you get. So they’re both very different. I like doing movies, but I enjoy television work.”

Despite the recognition he’s earned for his work in an array of TV series, Chan says he is still in search of his magnum opus. “Every character that I have played has a little part of me. But like all actors, I am still seeking the ultimate role,” he smiles.

So he continues to focus on the work at hand, whether it’s hosting Coffee Confidential or working crazy hours shooting a drama. For now, fame and all its trappings are a bonus.

“Acting is part of my life, but not entirely. I’ll keep doing it for as long as I can. The fame that comes with it, I’ll enjoy, but I’ll never count on it.”

Fame has opened many doors for Moses Chan. – RAYMOND OOI / The Star

Favourite Lead Actor Moses Chan and his female counterpart Louise Lee at Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards 2008 in Genting Highlands.

The Coffee Confidential host in Italy, where it all began.

original: the star online - eCentral

great article...
we finally get some more information on his upcoming book... mo & his brother working together = awww!!! haha... makes me even more excited...
another season of Coffee Confidential..! they should film him setting up his own cafe... that would be so cool... just the idea makes me happy...
movie movie movie!!! i really hope he's still in 73 Tenants...


moses in Appledaily (7/3)...

source: Appledaily




陳豪早找到自己興趣作為人生享受,他說:「整咖啡係我嘅夢想,之前我有機會去唔同地方拍攝,喺我心目中,呢個過程係好 relax,因為真正享受唔係人人都識,要鍾意之餘又要對嗰樣嘢有啲認識。」



攝影:陳慧安 場地: OSIM

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as long as he's happy... that's all i have to say...


i really like how his bangs stick to his forehead... i find that so cute... hehe...
was this before he went to australia..? 'cause it looks like he has longer hair at miss lok's birthday party... i'm guessing this interview was done the same time as the Oriental Daily interview about his hair... same shirt & jeans...


Miss Lok's birthday celebration 2009 [news]...

news translation/summary:

moses just came back from malaysia so the only thing he had for miss lok is her souvenir, but he didn't want to give it to her there so he came empty handed...

source: on.cc

during the celebration moses told raymond to perform in his "wet" look like he did in his "Let's Get Wet" concert... moses said he'll prepare some hot female back up dancers for him...

source: TungStar

moses left early...

source: Oriental Daily

source: Metro HK, takungpao.com

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E-News (mo's cut)

he left early..? no wonder he wasn't in that cake cutting picture... awww...

clip comments:
isn't he cute..? love these interviews 'cause we get to see the casual him...
he looks so huggable... was he wearing make-up..? his face was definitely a little too shiny... hehe... but that's what i like... he looks "bright"... hahaha!!! and it really brings out his cheeks...
totally love love love his hair..! reminds me of hugh jackman's... that was what i was asking for all this time... the slick back hair... *drool* *nose bleed* i wonder if he'll keep it like this... please do!!!